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1.1.2 - 28 Sep 2021

Problems Corrected

  • Messaging logging reports non-0 CONNECT_HS_TIME when CONNECT_TIME is 0
  • API editor does not allow isArray, nillable, or isNull property on element
  • Response is serialized incorrectly if multiple Response BODY definitions are defined
  • BLOB request returns HTTP 415 when content-type isn't application/json, octet-stream, x-www-form-urlencoded, or text/plain
  • Issue with dictionary caching causes excessive filesystem I/O
  • Filesystem housekeeping process uses unnecessary read lock operations
  • Setting isNull property to non-zero does not work on structures
  • Multiple query param, header, & element mappings with the same name are deserialized incorrectly
  • Request with BLOB response may return an an API compiler error


  • Update to OpenSSL 1.1.1l

1.1.1 - 27 Mar 2021

Problems Corrected

[LS-914] - API tester no longer works in Chromium 87+ based browsers
[LS-917] - API Tester will not launch in IE11
[LS-922] - Message Logging meta data is only included when content spec includes "all"


[LS-921] - Message logging sets IPM & HTTP lengths on all events, regardless of content selection
Update to OpenSSL 1.1.1k

1.1.0 - 25 Jan 2021

Problems Corrected (since v1.0.10)

[LS-859] - LWSCOM INFO API command may report incorrect number of APIs
[LS-879] - Chunked encoded request returns HTTP 400 status when the chunk & chunk trailer are not received in the same socket recv buffer
[LS-898] - LWSCOM pagesize command may report valid input as invalid
[LS-905] - Process logger may leak memory when debug logging is enabled
[LS-912] - Setting isSet="1" does not work for JSON object serialization when the object is empty

New Features

Add support for TLS 1.3
Add support for Message Logging
Add support for BLOBs
Allow LWSCOM users with read access to the filesystem to execute commands that don't modify the filesystem. See the ALLOW-READ-ACCESS option under the LWSCOM CONTROL FILESYSTEM command.
SERVER process now supports process log configuration using configuration files. See Using Configuration Files.
Add additional Measure counters lw-diag-log, lw-msg-log, lw-pathsend-max, lw-process-max. See Using Measure Counters.

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LightWave Server 1.1.2