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Begins a new transaction and returns the transaction ID. The transaction ID value can be used in subsequent requests to enlist the request in the transaction, or to commit or abort the transaction.

Path Components

POST /lightwave/api/v1/transaction



lw-correlation-idoptionalA caller supplied identifier to be copied to the response.
lw-suppress-statusoptionalUse to indicate that the HTTP response status code should be "200 OK", regardless of the outcome of the operation.
lw-transaction-timeoutoptionalUse to set the timeout in seconds for the new transaction. If not supplied or set to 0, the SERVER default timeout is used. See --default-tx-timeout in the SERVER command line reference.


lw-correlation-idThe value of the correlationId supplied in the request, if any.
lw-errorIf an error occurred, a description of the error.
lw-http-reasonThe HTTP response reason. Present if lw-suppress-status was supplied in the request.
lw-http-statusThe HTTP response status. Present if lw-suppress-status was supplied in the request.
lw-transaction-idThe transaction ID of the TMF transaction associated with the request, if any.
lw-transaction-stateThe transaction state of the TMF transaction associated with the request, if any.


Content-Length: 0
lw-transaction-timeout: 30

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Length: 0
lw-transaction-state: suspended
lw-transaction-id: 2c00031c9b890000c40ff4182950cac4
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LightWave Server 1.1.3