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This section provides an overview of how to get starting with developing a LightWave Server application. If you have not done so already, please read the Introduction to LightWave Server section before continuing.

  • Read section Working with Dictionaries. Dictionaries are derived from DDL and contain the interprocess message type defintions needed by LightWave Server to map JSON to IPM and vice-versa.
  • User-defined APIs are for exposing a NonStop Server application as a service. Read section Working with User-Defined APIs
  • If your application will require transactions, read Working with Transactions.
  • Define your application interprocess messages or file records. If you're using an existing server or file, this step may already be completed.
  • When you're ready to make your application available to clients, deploy it as a service. See Deploying APIs as Services.
  • Build your client application. 


Visit the NuWave GitHub site for sample applications.

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LightWave Server 1.1.3