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Dynamic logging configuration is activated using the --log startup option and specifying the log configuration file location. Note that the file name specification is preceded by a '+' character.

run SERVER --log +$vol.subvol.logcfg [--monitor log:15 ] ...

Configuration Reference

The log configuration must be preceded by a [log] header

fileThe name of the log file. If not fully qualified then the value of the _DEFAULTS define is used to complete the file name.
levelThe level value may be "error", "warning", "info", or "debug" and controls the type of information that is output to the log destination. The "error" level produces the least output while the "trace" level produces the most output. The default value is "info".
formatThe format value may be "text" indicating that the log events should be output as text strings or "event" indicating that the log events should be output in EMS event format.. If not specified the default value is "text".


# Log to a file
# Log to $0
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LightWave Server 1.1.3