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A LightWave Server instance may be shut down with the SERVER --shutdown command using the following syntax:

tacl> run SERVER --shutdown <process-name> [!]

where <process-name> is the name of the SERVER or SWORKER process to shut down. If "!" is specified, the shutdown will occur immediately with all current requests abruptly terminated.

This command may be used to shut down the SERVER process or individual SWORKER processes. When a SERVER process is shut down, all connected SWORKER processes are also shut down. The default behavior is to allow connections to drain, i.e., the SERVER will stop accepting connections but will allow existing connections to continue being serviced until they are all disconnected. Using the "!" option will cause the target process to immediately terminate all connections and shut down.

Note that while draining, the SERVER process will not shut down until all Console connections are terminated.


Stop the supervisor and all attached workers.

tacl> run server --shutdown $lws
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LightWave Server 1.1.3