Some SOAPAM process configuration options support dynamic configuration through the use of configuration files. Instead of providing the configuration options on the process startup command line, the configuration file name is supplied and the configuration options are read from the file. The configuration file is then monitored for changes and when they occur, the options are reloaded from the file. Configuration files are Enscribe EDIT files and use the defacto standard INI file format. The following commands may use configuration files:

-logcfg - Logging configuration.

-statscfg - Statistics collection configuration.

The configuration file is continuously monitored for changes and when a change occurs, the file is reloaded and the new options take effect. If the configuration change contains an error or the file is inaccessible then the change is ignored and a notification message is output the the log file.

These sections describe the configuration options for these commands.

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SOAPam® Server 3.1.9