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Configuration Best Practices

Performance & Scalability

  • Run the CLIENT process as a Pathway Server Class. See CLIENT Process Configuration.
  • Use configuration files to specify logging options, which allows the options to be changed without re-configuring the server class. See Using Configuration Files.
  • Use the monitor option where appropriate, to monitor changes to configuration files. See monitor.
  • Do not use diagnostic logging in performance sensitive environments unless absolutely necessary.
  • When using TLS connections with HTTP Basic authentication, use the pre-auth option. See http-credentials.


  • Change the default administrator password!
  • Use Server Certificates and configure only HTTPS console ports.
  • Use TLS connections to services whenever possible, both when accessing REST applications and accessing the LightWave Client Console.
  • Use the sensitive schema property to avoid disclosing sensitive data in logs. See Sensitive Data Masking.
  • Use credentials files to supply configuration credentials. See Using Credentials Files.
  • Use Guardian security to appropriately secure API, configuration, credential, and program files.
  • Only install the Console in production environments when necessary, or only run the Console in production when necessary. The Console is a development tool and generally not necessary outside of the development environment.
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