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Starting LightWave Client

LightWave Client consists of two major component processes: Console and Client.


The role of the Console process is to support the administrative and management user interface for LightWave Client. Console provides a browser interface which allows you to:

  • View system status dashboard

  • Manage APIs

  • Manage Access Control Policies

  • Manage Services 

  • View HTTP and diagnostic logs

  • Manage SSL/TLS Client, Server, and Root CA Certificates

  • Manage LightWave Client users and groups

Once the Console process has been started, you access the LightWave Console application by entering the following URL in your web browser.


where system-name is your NonStop server's DNS name or IP address, and port-number is the console port number that was assigned when the Console process was started. If you configure the Console process with an Server Certificate, you can access it via https using the appropriate port.

The Console process uses the LightWave File System for its data store, which is shared with the Client process. The Console process is not required for the runtime operation of LightWave Client services. You may choose to shut down Console on production systems after initial configuration has been completed as an additional security measure.


The role of Client is to provide the runtime implementation of a LightWave Client API you defined earlier using Console. Although you can run one or more client processes for a given API (e.g., for load balancing), each instance of the Client process supports exactly one API. The Client process accepts an interprocess message on $RECEIVE from a client application, which it transforms into a REST web-API request and forwards to a service endpoint using HTTP over TCP/IP. When the service responds, Client transforms the response into an interprocess message which it REPLYs to the original client requester application. Each Client process is capable of supporting simultaneous requests from multiple client applications.

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