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The LWSCOM command line interface (CLI) can be used as an alternative to the LightWave Server Console for management of a LightWave Server instance. Commands may be entered interactivity or supplied with a TACL macro or obey file. LWSCOM supports the following commands and objects:





LWSCOM is self documenting using the HELP command. For example:

TACL> lwscom
LightWave Server COM 1.0.7 - \NODE - $XYZ
Copyright (c) 2018 NuWave Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.
LWSCOM 1-> help
Help is available on the following commands and objects:

!                  ADD                ALLOW              ALTER
CONTROL            CREATE             DELETE             ENV
EXIT               EXPORT             FC                 FILESYSTEM
HELP               HISTORY            IMPORT             INFO
OBEY               PAGESIZE           STATUS             VOLUME


ACP                API                CERTIFICATE        DIAGLOG
DICTIONARY         FILESYSTEM         GROUP              HTTPLOG
SERVICE            USER

Enter HELP <command> | <object> for more information.
LWSCOM 2-> help acp
The following commands can be used with the ACP object:

ADD                ALTER              DELETE             INFO

Enter HELP <command> ACP for more information.
LWSCOM 3-> help all acp

ALLOW Command

Specifies the maximum number of warnings or errors that are allowed to occur
before execution of an OBEY file or IN file is terminated.

  ALLOW [ [ <count> | ALL | NO ] [ ERRORS | WARNINGS ] ]

[ <count> | ALL | NO ] [ ERRORS | WARNINGS ]

  ALL indicates that there is no limit on the number of errors or warnings. NO
  indicates that no errors or warnings are allowed. <count> is an integer
  specifying the number or errors or warnings. If the ALLOW command is used
  with no parameters, the default setting is NO ERRORS and ALL WARNINGS. If
  ERRORS or WARNINGS is specified but ALL, NO, and <count> are omitted, ALL is
  assumed. IF ALL, NO, or <count> is specified, but ERRORS and WARNINGS are
  omitted, ERRORS is assumed.

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