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Working with Timestamps

LightWave Server supports 64-bit and 48-bit timestamp fields. To define a timestamp field in schema, set the field type to "timestamp" and use the size attribute to indicate if the field is 64 bit or 48 bit, for example:

<type name="TimestampTypes">
  <element name="timestamp64bitJulian" type="timestamp" size="8" />
  <element name="timestamp48bit" type="timestamp" size="6" />

Timestamp Formats

Several standard timestamp formats can be serialized or deserialized from the message body. The timestamp format is specified using the timestampFormat attribute. The following formats are supported:

ISO8601ISO8601 Date/Time format as described in RFC 3339. This is the default format used when the timestampFormat property is omitted.
ISO8601:full-dateISO8601 Date/Time full-date format as described in RFC 3339.
RFC2822RFC2822 Date and Time format as desribed in RFC 2822
XSD:dateTimeXSD dateTime format as described in XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes

Schema definition with ISO8601:full-date

<type name="ISO8601Timestamp">
  <element name="theDate" type="timestamp" size="8" timestampFormat="ISO8601:full-date" />
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