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Invoking Native Requests

Client applications submit a request to the LightWave Server process using a specially crafted HTTP URI, HTTP method, and HTTP request headers and body. The HTTP URI indicates the API being invoked and the NonStop system resource that the request should act upon.  The HTTP method indicates the operation being performed on the resource. The HTTP headers and request body contains data and/or parameters necessary to complete the request. After processing the request, LightWave Server returns an HTTP response with headers and response body containing the results of the request.

Request Method Selection

The HTTP method used for each request determines the operation to perform on the resource. In general, the method correlates with the resource operation as follows:

POSTChange the state of the resource. This method is used when creating or ending a transaction.
DELETEDelete the resource. This method is used when aborting a transaction or aborting a Pathway dialog.

Request URI Construction

The Request URI uses the following general format:

Path elementDescription


The version of the API being invoked. Currently this value must be "v1" for all APIs.
api-nameThe name of the API being invoked, which must be dialog or transaction.
resource-parametersThe resource-parameters value varies depending on the API being invoked. These parameters are documentation in the Native API Reference.


Some examples of API access using Method and URI combinations is shown below:

POST/lightwave/api/v1/transaction?timeout=30Create a new transaction with a 30 second autoabort timeout. A transaction ID is returned in the response.
POST/lightwave/api/v1/transaction/018968f900002a72f33b2b78a99b2536Commit the transaction with the transaction ID 018968f900002a72f33b2b78a99b2536
DELETE/lightwave/api/v1/dialog/0100000000000000Abort a dialog.
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