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The Dashboard

The Dashboard view provides status information for your LightWave Server instance. The Dashboard contains three sections.


This section shows the current status of the LightWave SERVER and SWORKER processes the make up your LightWave Server instance. The view shows the process names, program file locations, CPUs and the current number of TCP/IP connections for each process


This section shows the TCP/IP ports that the SERVER process is listening on. The view shows the TCP/IP process name, the port, the protocol and the available services on each port. When the Protocol is HTTPS, the Common Name of the server certificate for the port is displayed. HTTPS ports may be used for TLS connections.


This section shows the location of the filesystem and the percentage of free space available. Because the majority of filesystem space is consumed by HTTP and Diagnostic logs, the status of those logs is also displayed.


This section shows the version of the running processes and the license status. For more information see Product Licensing.


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