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The Dictionary Repository

LightWave Server dictionaries are XML files that describe the data structure of the application IPM or record. Dictionary files are stored in the LIghtWave Server filesystem. An sample dictionary file containing the NonStop Explorer System Status request is shown below:

<dictionary xmlns="">
    <type name="GetSystemInfo" size="2" ddlName="GET-SYSTEM-INFO" ddlModified="2014-09-09T08:55" ddlOrigin="MXxJRHxHRVQtU1lTVEVNLUlORk98XEFDVDUuJERFTU8uTlNF">
      <element name="requestCode" type="unsignedShort" offset="0" size="2" value="5"/>

Dictionary files may be generated directly from DDL dictionaries, manually authored, or a combination of both.

Dictionary Names

In order to avoid dictionary name collisions, a convention has been established for dictionary naming. It is strongly recommended that this naming convention be followed. Dictionary names begin with the reverse internet domain name of the organization that created them, followed by the application they were created for, followed by additional dot separated qualifiers to further describe the dictionary. For example:

  • com.nuwavetech.lightwave.nonstopexplorer
  • com.nuwavetech.lightwave.fedwire.fedwirev1

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