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Dictionary Detail View

The Dictionary Detail view shows the types available in the dictionary and provides the ability to modify the dictionary.  If you have a large number of types in the dictionary, the filter can be used to reduce the number of Dictionaries listed by entering a partial name of the types that you wish to view.

Type Information

You can view the type information detail for each type in the dictionary in JSON or binary format.

To view the Type information:

  1. Click the type name to open the type view.

  2. To view a sample JSON representation of the type, click the JSON tab.

  3. To view the binary layout of the type click the Binary tab. The Binary view is similar to a DDL dictionary report.

Renaming a Dictionary

Note that renaming a dictionary may impact user-defined API definitions or native API applications that reference the dictionary name.

To rename the Dictionary:

  1. Click the ic_mode_edit_24px.png icon to open dictionary rename dialog.

  2. Enter the new name.

  3. Click Rename to complete the rename or Cancel to exit without renaming.

Refreshing a Dictionary

If the DDL dictionary that a LightWave Dictionary is based on has changed, you may wish to refresh the LightWave dictionary from the source DDL.

To refresh the Dictionary from source DDL:

  1. Click the ic_refresh_24px.png icon to open dictionary refresh dialog.

  2. By default only existing objects in the LightWave dictionary are refreshed. If new objects exist in the DDL dictionary, they may be selected for import.

  3. Click Refresh to complete the refresh or Cancel to exit without refreshing.

Exporting a Dictionary

Exporting the Dictionary allows you to create a backup copy of the Dictionary or import it into another LightWave Server instance.

To export the dictionary to a file:

  1. Click the ic_file_download_24px.png icon to open the system file browser.

  2. Select a download location for the file and click Save to download the Dictionary to a file.

Deleting a Dictionary

Dictionary deletion is not reversible. Note that when APIs are deployed as Services a snapshot of the API and related dictionaries are saved with the Service definition, however, APIs available in the API Editor will no longer function if the dictionaries they reference are deleted. Before deleting a dictionary make certain that is is not being referenced by an API. If you think you may need a copy of the dictionary at a later time, export the dictionary before deleting it. 

To delete the Dictionary:

  1. Click the ic_delete_24px.png icon to open dictionary delete dialog.

  2. Click Delete to complete the deletion or Cancel to exit without deleting.

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