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The SOAPam Server compatibility feature allows SOAPam Server customers to migrate services from SOAPam Server to LightWave Server. Migration requires a few simple configuration and migration steps described below. The migration does not require modification to the SOAP client application or the existing NonStop applications.

How it Works

SOAPam Server services are migrated to LightWave Server by following these steps:

  • Where appropriate, recreate SOAPam Server Users and Groups in LightWave Server.

  • Create LightWave Server access control policies that will be applied to the migrated services.

  • Using the LWSCOM utility, import the SOAPam Server Service Definition File (SDF) into the LightWave Server filesystem. The import process results in a LightWave Server API definition and accompanying Dictionary.

  • Deploy the converted API as a LightWave Server Service. Client applications can then be configured to access the migrated service at the appropriate host address and port configured in LightWave Server.

For detailed instructions on migrating SOAPam Server services to LightWave Server, see Migrating SOAPam Server services to LightWave Server. For information on LightWave Server configuration and management, see LightWave Server Documentation.

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