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Table of Contents

Copying or Moving the Filesystem

You copy the LightWave Server filesystem by copying all of the FS0* files in the filesystem subvolume to a new subvolume. The preferred way to do this is by using the PAK and UNPAK utilities (or similarly BACKUP and RESTORE) since they automatically update alternate key file references. A move is a copy to a new location, followed by a delete of the original. 


If you are copying to another NonStop system, note that the filesystem contains one or more server certificates (if installed) which contain information specific to the host name used to access LightWave Server. You may need to obtain a new server certificate for your additional system.

Reducing Filesystem Disk Space Usage

When files are deleted from the filesystem the files are only marked for deletion. The file data records are physically deleted from the FS00 & FS01 files over time by a housekeeping process within LightWave Server. You can use SUTILITY to cause the FS00 & FS01 data records to be immediately deleted by running the following command from the TACL prompt:


LightWave Server 1.1.2