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LightWave Client allows applications running on NonStop servers to securely access REST Web services anywhere, on any platform or operating system. Your NonStop application simply sends a formatted interprocess message to the LightWave Client Process which handles all of the details of mapping the IPM elements to a JSON or XML message, exchanging the message with the Web service provider, and parsing the JSON or XML response into the reply IPM. The LightWave CLIENT process hides the complexity of the TCP/IP, HTTP, SSL/TLS, JSON, and JSON XML protocols required to access REST Web services. 


LightWave Client is not specific to any particular type of NonStop application or Web service. It's an enabling technology that allows any type of NonStop application to interact with nearly any type of REST Web service application, using communications transports and message protocols that are modern, standard, and secure. LightWave Client can be used to develop any number of applications using a NonStop Server application, for example:


LightWave Client 1.2.5