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1.2.0 - 25 Jan 2021

Problems Corrected (since v1.1.2)

[LC-921] - --blob-files option is rejected if it contains more than 2 optional values
[LC-934] - CLIENT may abend when writing diagnostic log after request timeout
[LC-935] - CLIENT ignores socket connection reset while receiving response body on TLS connection
[LC-937] - Schema does not allow for definition of a single element array
[LC-942] - API Editor allows download and DDL generation when API schema has changed but has not been saved
[LC-947] - Diag log system info RVU is incorrect
[LC-949] - DDL generator does not treat ENVIRONMENT as COBOL reserved word
[LC-965] - LWCCOM pagesize command may report valid input as invalid
[LC-969] - OpenAPI 3 import produces schema with invalid type references
[LC-973] - Process logger may leak memory when debug logging is enabled
[LC-974] - Setting isSet: true does not work for JSON object serialization when the object is empty

New Features

    • Add support for TLS 1.3. See --tls-protocols
    • Add support for Message Logging
    • Allow LWCCOM users with read access to the filesystem to execute commands that don't modify the filesystem. See the ALLOW-READ-ACCESS option under the LWCCOM CONTROL FILESYSTEM command.
    • CONSOLE process now supports process log configuration using configuration files. See Using Configuration Files.
    • Add additional measure counters for diagnostic logging (lwc-diag-log) and message logging (lwc-msg-log). See Using Measure Counters.
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LightWave Client 1.2.1