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Basic Configuration

In this example, a Listener, Service, and Route will be created, which will allow access to the Echo Service through Prizm Gateway™. To begin, sign in to the Console, then complete each step.

Create the Listener

  1. Click Listeners on the side menu.
  2. Click the Add action icon.
  3. Enter the Listener name, for example "port-19091".
  4. Enter the description, for example "HTTP port 19091".
  5. Enter the port number, for example 19091.
  6. Click SAVE.

Create the Service

  1. Click Services on the side menu
  2. Click the Add action icon.
  3. Enter the Service name, for example "echo-service".
  4. Enter the Service description, for example "NuWave Demo Echo Service".
  5. Click Direct Connection.
  6. Select HTTPS in the Protocol list.
  7. Enter "" in the Host field.
  8. Click SAVE

Create the Route

  1. Click the newly created Service on the Services list.
  2. Click the Routes tab.
  3. Click the Add action icon.
  4. Enter the Route name, for example "echo-route".
  5. Enter the description, for example "Route requests with URI prefix /echo".
  6. Select the Paths field.
    1. Enter /echo and press ENTER.
  7. Click SAVE.

Test the Configuration

  1. From the Console Dashboard, start the gateway or redeploy the gateway configuration.
  2. In your browser, enter the Echo Service URL:
  3. In a second browser or tab, enter the URL using the address of the gateway listener, for example http://nonstop-host:19091/echo. The response through the gateway should be similar to the direct request through the browser.

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