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By default, the PRIZMON gateway process logs errors to the LOGGATEE file in the configuration file subvol. In addition, the Error Log and HTTP Log plugins can be used to log gateway access or do targeted logging off Services or Routes.  When problems are encountered, debug logging may help troubleshoot the problem and will almost certainly be requested by the NuWave Support Team. Log files can be examined using standard Guardian file utilities such as FUP.

Identifying Routing Issues

In releases prior to Beta 1, when a Route mismatch occurred, an HTTP 404 error was returned, and it was difficult to determine if the error was returned from the Gateway or upstream Service. Newer releases continue to return error 404 when a routing issue occurs but also return a specific description of the error. For example:


Prizm Gateway configuration error: No matching Route path for request path: /this-path-has-not-been-configured

Bad Gateway Errors (error 502)

Bad gateway errors are almost always the result of the Gateway process not being able to connect to the upstream service as configured under the Services or Load Balancer configuration. Ensure that the NonStop system can connect to the upstream service. The error log may provide more details about the connection issues such as DNS errors or connection errors.

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