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Updating Prizm Gateway

The process for updating Prizm Gateway from an earlier release to a later release is similar to the initial installation process. These instructions apply to 'full product' update releases. If you received a hotfix patch release, refer to the specific instructions included with the release.

Before proceeding with the update process refer to the Release Notes for important information about the current release of the software.

The software is delivered in a single PAK archive containing the following files:

  • PRIZCON - The Prizm Gateway Console process
  • PRIZCONA - The Console UI asset file
  • PRIZGATE - The Prizm Gateway worker process
  • PRIZMON - The Prizm Gateway monitor process.
  • CFGCONI - The initial console process configuration file.
  • CFGGATEI - The initial Gateway process configuration file.

Overview of Update Installation

 The process is performed from a TACL prompt. These are the steps:

Download the Release Package

The software is distributed as a single PAK archive file. Transfer the PAK file to your NonStop system using binary transfer mode.

Shutdown Any Existing Processes

Ensure that there are no active users of applications which depend on Prizm Gateway. From the existing Prizm Gateway installation subvolume, use the FILEINFO command to ensure that no files are open.  Stop any processes that have files opened. 

tacl > status *, prog PRIZ*, stop

Perform a Backup of the Existing Installation

Verify that you have a current backup of the existing installation, including the configuration files (CFG* files). In the event of an unsuccessful update, you will need to restore the installation from this backup. You can use BACKUP or use the PAK utility to perform the backup if you like. 

> PAK <pakfile>, (*), audited, listall

where <pakfile> is the name of the backup PAK archive file to be created, which should be in a separate subvolume. 

Install the Update Package

We recommend that you install the update in the same subvolume as the existing installation. Note that unpaking the release package will not overwrite your custom configuration files.

Verify that you have the necessary permissions to overwrite the exiting files. Unpak the release package PAK archive file, overlaying the originally installed files.

> UNPAK <pakfile> ($*.*.*), vol <installation-subvolume>, myid, listall

where <pakfile> is the name of the release package PAK archive file you transferred earlier.

Restart Processes

Restart the Prizm Gateway components as per your locally-developed procedures.

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