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Configuring Routes

Routes bind Listeners to Services by examining each request entering a Listener and routing it to a Service based on the URI of the request. Routes are defined through Services and are created in the Services Routes tab. To access the Routes list containing all Routes in the gateway, select Routes from the Menu.

To view the Routes for a Service, navigate to the Service and select the Routes tab.

To create a Route, select the Add action icon from the Routes list. To edit an existing Route, select it from the list.

Route Properties

NameThe name of the Route. Names must begin with a letter, end with a letter or digit, be 64 characters or less in length, and contain only letters, digits, hyphens, underscores, or periods.
DescriptionA brief description of the Route.

One or more paths that will be used to select the route. If the prefix of the URI of a request matches any of the paths specified, the route will be selected. For example, the path /sample will match requests with the URI /sample, /sample/v1/, /sample/12345, etc.

Note that when entering paths you must press ENTER after each path in order to add it to the list.

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