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Gateway Architecture

Traffic flows through Prizm Gateway™ via the logical components shown in this diagram. Each component is configured by the Administrator to control Gateway behavior. 


Listeners define which TCP/IP ports the gateway will listen on, and defines the properties of those ports such as whether the port supports TLS and HTTP2, etc. HTTP requests enter the gateway through Listeners.


Services define upstream web services service providers. HTTP requests exit the gateway to through Services, either directly, or through a logical Load Balancer.


Routes bind Listeners to Services. by examining each request entering a Listener and routing it to a Service based on attributes of the request such as URI, method, or header value.

Load Balancers

Services may send traffic directly to a single backend service provider instance, or the traffic may be directed to a Load Balancer which will distribute traffic to multiple backend service instances.


Plugins apply behaviors to requests as they flow through the Gateway. These behaviors may in include DOS protection such as rate limiting, authentication, and access control. Plugins can be applied to Routes, Services, or  globally to all traffic flowing through the Gateway

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