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Product Licensing

Prizm Gateway requires the installation of a license. The license is stored in an edit file on the NonStop Server that is read by the product in order to validate the installation. A license is a multi-line text block similar to that shown below:

-----END LICENSE-----

When the license is received from NuWave Technologies it must be copied to an edit file on the NonStop System exactly as provided. The product programs search for the license file in the following locations and in the following order:

  • The file "LICENSE" in the PRIZMON program subvolume
  • The file "LICPRIZM" in the PRIZMON program subvolume

License Expiration

The license contains two expiration date fields to be aware of:


This field contains the date that the license will expire, or "none" if the license never expires. For licenses that expire, once the expiration date has passed the software will continue to run but with reduced functionality. It will be possible to start the software and log into the Console, but requests directed to the service ports will be rejected.


This field contains the date that your current software maintenance agreement expires. Once this expiration date has passed, the software will continue to run with full functionality (subject to the expiration date), but you may not upgrade the software to a version that was released after the supportExpiration date. Software with a release date after the supportExpiration date will shutdown immediately with a license error. The release date for a particular software version can be found in the Upgrade Guide or the product VPROC.

When you renew your support agreement, we will provide a new license. You do not need to install the new license until the next software upgrade.

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