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Starting Prizm Gateway

Prizm Gateway runs as a group of NonStop Server Guardian processes. The PRIZMON process manages PRIZCON & PRIZGATE processes. Each Prizm Gateway environment contains one PRIZMON process pair, one or more PRIZGATE processes, and optionally a PRIZCON process to support the management console. 

Starting the PRIZMON Process

The Prizm Gateway Monitor process is started by running the PRIZMON program from TACL. The --start-gateway option will cause the monitor to deploy the gateway configuration at startup by automatically launching PRIZGATE processes.

tacl > run prizmon / cpu 0, name $pzmon, other process-run-options / --backupcpu 1 --log logmon info [ --autostart  ]

Starting the PRIZCON Process

The Prizm Gateway Console process is started by running the PRIZCON program from TACL and assigning it to a specific monitor process:

tacl > run prizcon / process-run-options / --monitor $pzmon


== Start the monitor and launch gateway processes. Then attach a console
tacl > run prizmon / name $pzmon, nowait, term $zhome, cpu 0 / --backupcpu 1 --log logmon info --autostart
tacl > run prizcon / name, nowait, term $zhome / --monitor $pzmon 

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