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What is Prizm Gateway

APIs have become critical components of enterprise infrastructure and application architecture. Prizm Gateway™ makes it easy for users to enable, maintain, monitor, and secure all API connections throughout the entire enterprise.

API’s act as entry points for applications to access data from your backend services. With Prizm Gateway™, users can connect all of their RESTful APIs to enable real-time communication management for applications. Prizm Gateway™ takes API calls from any client, determines which services are needed to fulfill requests, and routes the requests to the appropriate backend service to provide a unified, secure seamless experience for the API provider and consumer.

Prizm Gateway™ routes all API calls through a single point of entry while enabling traffic management, denial of service (DoS) protection, authorization, and access control, service deployment, load balancing, and monitoring.

Web-based Graphical Interface - The Prizm Gateway™ Console is easy to use and provides comprehensive management of the entire set of features. This allows for a short learning curve resulting in less time and money spent getting users up-to-speed.

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