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Error Handling

Every reply from the S3Serv process includes the S3Serv reply header, followed by user data if the request was successful or error information if an error occurred, as shown in previous subsections.

The rp-hdr.rp-code field should be interpreted as follows:

  • If rp-code contains S3-SUCCESS, the request was successful and user data follows the S3Serv reply header.

  • If rp-code contains S3-INFO, the request was successful but S3Object truncation occurred while the response was being processed. In this case the contents of the INFO-CODE field will be set to S3-INFO-TRUNCATION.

  • If rp-code contains S3-ERROR then an error occurred while processing the request. The error-code field in the S3Serv s3-error-rp reply indicates the cause of the error.

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