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Frequently Asked Questions

Does S3COM support all AWS CLI S3 commands?

No. Bucket management commands, and commands that are problematic due to Enscribe file system naming limitations, such as sync, are not supported. The commands currently supported are:

  • ls - list S3 objects

  • cp - copy S3 object

  • rm - delete S3 object

  • mv - move S3 object

How does S3COM authenticate with S3?

S3COM uses the same "config" file storage mechanism as the AWS CLI.

Does S3COM support authentication using AWS IAM Identity Center (previously AWS SSO)?

No. The first product release will not support SSO. It may be available in a future release.

How does S3COM handle the substantial differences between the Enscribe file system and the hierarchical object storage method found in S3 buckets?

Due to the limitations for the Enscribe file system, S3COM limits object file names to 8 characters and recursive operations are limited to one level. S3COM does not attempt to normalize or map long S3 object paths to 8 character Guardian file names.

Does the S3SERV process support multiple concurrent requests (is it "multi-threaded")?

No, S3SERV processes a single S3 request at a time. Multiple concurrent requests can be achieved by configuring the S3SERV pathway serverclass appropriately to handle the required number of concurrent requests. 

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