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S3SERV Command Line Reference

S3SERV Program Options


Reads command line options from <command-file>. Options specified on the command line override any duplicates specified in the file. At most, one '@' option may used. The file itself cannot contain an '@' option (i.e., no nesting).

--license <file-name>

The name of an existing edit file containing the S3Utils product license. If this option is omitted, the license file is located according to Product Licensing rules.

--log [ { <destination> | * }  [ level [ format ] ]  |  +<log-config-file> ]

Specifies the process log location, the level, and the log event format, or the location of a log configuration file. The destination value may be a process name, a file name, or the asterisk (*) character. If the asterisk is used then the log output is directed to the home term of the process. The level value may be "error", "warning", "info", or "debug" and controls the type of information that is output to the log destination. The "error" level produces the least output while the "debug" level produces the most output. The format value may be "text" indicating that the log events should be output as text strings or "event" indicating that the log events should be output in EMS event format. If omitted, the default is "--log * info text".  See Using Configuration Files for information about logging configuration files.


The presence of this options causes the process to ignore close messages. In order to function properly in the Pathway environment, the CLIENT process, by default, matches open and close messages and terminates when all clients have closed the process. This option can be used to prevent the process from terminating when it is run as a standalone process.


All command-line-option names and values are case-insensitive except where noted. If multiple occurrences of the same command line parameter are encountered, the setting of the last occurrence is used.

When the -log option format is set to event, EMS events will be sent to the output device with the following EMS Subsys ID:






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