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What is S3Utils

Since the introduction of AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), S3 compatible object services have become highly popular, with each of the major cloud services providing S3 compatible storage, and a number of "S3 only" storage services also available. 

These services provide low cost, durable storage, and are used for both archiving of file data and transferring data to other parties or services. However, while there are a number of utilities available to integrate with S3 object storage, none are available in HPE NonStop Server Guardian environment. Of those that may be available in the OSS environment, none support online transaction processing (OLTP), the model used by most NonStop Server applications.

S3Utils provides a complete solution for integrating with S3 storage. With a small set of program files, and simple configuration, which is compatible with AWSCLI configuration, S3Utils provides integration with S3 storage in both the batch and OLTP Guardian environments out of the box.

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