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Upgrade Considerations

This section contains information about upgrading from previous releases of SOAPam Client to release 3.1. Read this section carefully before attempting to upgrade your current installation of SOAPam Client.

Licensing Changes

Note that SOAPam Client release 3.1 requires a multi-line license that contains the supportExpiration property. If you currently have a 19 character license key or a multi-line license that does not contain the supportExpiration property, please Submit a Support ticket and request an updated license.

Changes to Namespace Handling

All SOAPam Client versions prior to 3.0 used default namespaces when creating XML requests. This produced XML which did not use namespace prefixes on elements in the SOAP Body payload. SOAPam Client 3.0 was changed to eliminate the use of default namespaces, which produced XML that contained namespace prefixes on all elements in the SOAP Body. Although this caused no impact for applications that processed the namespaces, applications that took advantage of the lack of namespace prefixes to forego namespace processing no longer worked. In order to resolve this incompatibility, default namespace usage has been restored in this release. This change should not impact applications that process namespaces, but will allow those that don't to continue to work.

CDF2C Utility Retired

The CDF2C utility allowed C language header files with structure sizes greater than 32K to be generated from a CDF. The utility could be used instead of the CDF2DDL / DDL to source procedure when DDL was limited to 32K structures. With the introduction of DDL2, CDF2C is no longer necessary and the utility is no longer supported. In the unlikely event that you are using CDF2C, please let us know by submitting a ticket.

Support for SSL v2 & v3 Discontinued

Releases prior to 3.1.8 supported SSL v2 & v3 by default or allowed these protocols to be enabled using startup options. As of release 3.1.8, SSL v2 & v3 are no longer supported.

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