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Managing Certificate Signing Requests

Create a new Certificate Signing Request

The New Certificate Request page gathers the required information and creates a certificate signing request (CSR). Once you've created the CSR, you can forward it to a Certificate Authority (CA) for signing. Note that only PEM format (base64 encoded) certificates are supported. DER format (binary) certificates are not supported and will result in an error.  Be sure to inform your Certificate Authority that the signed certificate should be supplied in PEM format.  

Enter values appropriate for your organization.


Common NameEnter the fully qualified host name of your server. This field defaults to the value of the -host option used when the server was started.

Country Name

Select country from the drop down list.

State or Province

Enter the state or province of your organization. Abbreviations should be avoided.

Locality Name

Enter the locality name of your organization.

Organization Name

Enter the name of your organization.

Organizational Unit

Enter the name of the unit within your organization.

Alternate Host Names

Enter a comma separated list of alternate host names for your server. Note that your CA may not support this feature.

Key Length

Select the desired bit length for the public/private key in the certificate.


Click the Save button to generate the CSR. You may copy the certificate from the certificate field or download it by clicking the Download button. Note that only one CSR may be pending at any time.

Download the pending Certificate Signing Request

Select this option to download an additional copy of the pending Certificate Signing Request.

Remove the pending Certificate Signing Request

In the event that the pending Certificate Signing Request will not be completed, select this link to delete the pending request from the server.

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