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Service Definition File Name

Use this page to specify the location of the Service Definition File. The file name should be fully qualified and end with an '.sdf' extension. By convention, each SDF is created in its own folder under the /services folder. This will allow access permissions to be configured for each service by setting those permissions on its parent folder. Note that if the folder does not exist, it will be created by the wizard.

File Name

Enter the fully qualified name of the new or existing SDF and select an appropriate action. Note that for the Add, Delete, or Refresh action, you must specify the name of an existing SDF.

Allow anonymous user access on newly created folders

If the Create action is specified and this option is selected, the Wizard will set the access permissions on newly created folders such that users will not have to log in to the server to access the service. This can be helpful if you are creating the service as a member of the Administrators or Developers group but you want any user to be able to access the service. If you don't select his option, any new folders created will inherit the permissions of their parent folder.

Replace the specified file if it already exists

If the Create action is specified, selecting this option will cause an existing SDF with the same name to be replaced.




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