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The TransactionCommit method of SOAPam Server's built-in transactionContol service is used to commit an existing suspended transaction.


txResponse = TransactionCommit ( txURL )


txResponsetxControlResponseTypeoutThe response to the 'commit transaction' request. See txControlResponseType and Remarks below for more information.
txURLxsd:stringinThe identifier of any existing "suspended" transaction, copied from the txControlResponseType response of the TransactionBegin method or a user-defined method.


The TransactionCommit method is part of SOAPam Server's built-in transactionControl service. The WSDL for the transactionControl service is located at http://mysystem:port/services/transactionControl/transactionControl.wsdl.

If txURL does not identify an existing transaction in the "suspended" state, a SOAP fault will occur.

If SOAPam Server successfully commits the transaction, the txOutcome element of the response will be "committed". txURL should not be used again in any other transaction control operation.

If the SOAPam Server cannot commit the transaction, the txOutcome element of the response may be "aborted" or "unknown" and the txResult element will contain the NSK file system error.

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