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User Impersonation

User Impersonation allows you to specify a Guardian user under whose identity any Web service contained in the folder (defined in an .sdf file) should be executed by the SOAPam Server. The identity under which a Web service is executed may be important if NonStop Server security settings restrict access to the application server that supports the Web service. Refer to Security Considerations for more information. 

By default, the SOAPam Server accesses application servers on your NonStop Server system under the identify of the Guardian user that created (started) the SOAPam Server process. View the Server Configuration Summary to determine this user identity. Note that this identity could change if the SOAPam Server process is stopped and restarted by a different Guardian user identity.

The SOAPam Server's Guardian User Impersonation feature must be enabled in order for User Impersonation settings to be effective. View the Server Configuration Summary to determine if the feature is enabled.

Un-check the "Use the same settings as this folder's parent" check box in order to stop inheriting settings and to specify explicit settings for this folder. If you check the box, the folder will revert to inheriting its parent's settings.

You must click the Save button to have the changes take effect. The button only applies the changes to the User Impersonation settings.

When you click Save, the Guardian user name and password, if specified, are validated. If valid, the settings are applied; otherwise, an error message appears and the settings are not changed.

SOAPam Server only validates the password once and does not store it. If the password is changed afterward, SOAPam will not be affected.

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