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This element represents an element of a <type>.






AttributeData TypeUsageDefault ValueDescription
namexsd:NCNamerequirednoneThe name of the element. It must be unique within the parent <type>.
offsetxsd:nonNegativeIntegerrequirednoneThe position of this element relative to the start of the containing <type>, in bytes.
sizexsd:positiveIntegerrequirednoneThe storage size for the element, in bytes.
typexsd:NCNamerequirednoneThe data type of the element. Must be one of the build-in types or the name of a <type> element.
dependsOnxsd:NCNameoptionalnoneIf the element represents an array, the name of the element (contained within the same <type> as this element) that indicates the actual number of array occurrences at runtime.
isSetxsd:NCNameoptionalnoneReferences an integer element that indicates whether of not the source element should be present in the request, or was present in the response. See Working with Optional Fields
minOccursxsd:positiveIntegeroptional1If the element represents an array, the minimum number of occurrences. If the element represents a primitive type, indicates that the element is optional in the message.
maxOccursxsd:positiveIntegeroptional1If the element represents an array, the maximum number of occurrences.
stringPaddingxsd:tokenoptionalzerosControls the way elements of type string are treated. The default value is inherited from the containing <type> or the <server> whose request or reply type contains this element. Valid values are "zeros" and "spaces".

Indicates whether or not the element will appear in the JSON message. Valid values are "0" or "1". A value of "1" will cause the element to be omitted from the JSON.

 Although the default value of the attribute is "0", this default can be altered by the private attribute of this element's parent <type> element.


Refer to the section Advanced Topics for more information on these attributes.


<type name="GetCpuList" size="18" ddlName="GET-CPU-LIST" ddlModified="2014-09-09T08:55" ddlOrigin="MXxJRHxHRVQtQ1BVLUxJU1R8XEFDVDUuJERFTU8uTlNF">
	<element name="requestCode" type="unsignedShort" offset="0" size="2" value="6"/>
    <element name="node" type="string" offset="2" size="16"/>
<type name="GetCpuListResult" size="340" ddlName="GET-CPU-LIST-RESULT" ddlModified="2014-09-09T08:55" ddlOrigin="MXxJRHxHRVQtQ1BVLUxJU1QtUkVTVUxUfFxBQ1Q1LiRERU1PLk5TRQ==">
	<element name="resultCode" type="unsignedShort" offset="0" size="2"/>
    <element name="node" type="string" offset="2" size="16"/>
    <element name="cpuList" type="CpuList" offset="18" size="322"/>
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