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PRIZMON is the Prizm Gateway monitor process, which manages PRIZGATE process operation. The PRIZMON process must be running before any PRIZCON or PRIZGATE processes are started.

Starting the Process

The PRIZMON process is started by running the PRIZMON program from TACL.

tacl > run PRIZMON / run-options / command-line-options

You should be logged-on as a user with sufficient privileges to access the system resources that the process requires.


The standard TACL run options. The 'CPU' option is recommended if the -backupcpu command-line-option is specified. The NOWAIT option is recommended. The TERM option is also recommended if started from a dynamic terminal device. The IN and OUT options are ignored.



Reads command line options from <command-file>. Options specified on the command line override any duplicates specified in the file. At most, one '@' option may used. The file itself cannot contain an '@' option (i.e., no nesting).


If specified, will cause PRIZMON to deploy the gateway configuration at startup by automatically launching PRIZGATE processes.

--backupcpu <cpu-number>

Specifies the number of the CPU in which the PRIZMON process should run its backup process. It must not be the same as the primary CPU. If omitted, no backup process is started.

--config <subvolume-spec>

The location ($volume.subvolume) that contains the Prizm Gateway configuration files (CFGCON, CFGGATE) If omitted, the PRIZMON program subvol is used.

--license <file-name>

The name of an existing edit file containing the Prizm Gateway product license. If this option is omitted, the license file is located according to Product Licensing rules.

--log [ { <destination> | * }  [ level [ format ] ]  

Specifies the process log location, the level, and the log event format, or the location of a log configuration file. The destination value may be a process name, a file name, or the asterisk (*) character. If the asterisk is used then the log output is directed to the home term of the process. The level value may be "error", "warning", "info", or "debug" and controls the type of information that is output to the log destination. The "error" level produces the least output while the "debug" level produces the most output. The format value may be "text" indicating that the log events should be output as text strings or "event" indicating that the log events should be output in EMS event format.


Start the PRIZMON process as a process pair in CPU 0 and 1, logging to file LOGMON at info level, with configuration in $DATA.PRIZCFG, and auto starting the gateway configuration.

tacl> run prizmon / cpu 0, name $pzmon, other process-run-options / --backupcpu 1 --log logmon info --config $DATA.PRIZCFG --autostart

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