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Getting Started

This section provides an overview of how to get starting with S3Utils. If you have not done so already, please read the What is S3Utils section before continuing.

S3Utils is designed to facilitate user interaction with the S3 object store, offering two primary modes of operation:

  1. Interactive Mode with S3COM CLI: Ideal for users who prefer a command-line interface. The S3COM program adheres to the COM program model, allowing for scripting through TACL macros.

  2. OLTP Mode with S3SERV: Tailored for integrating S3 object store access within OLTP applications.

To get started, we recommend the following steps:

Step 1: Create Your Configuration

Set up the necessary configuration files on the NonStop Server. Since S3Utils is compatible with the AWS CLI configuration format, you can directly copy your existing AWS CLI configuration and credentials files to the NonStop Server.

Step 2: Verify Access to S3 Using S3COM

Test your setup with the S3COM utility. Ensure you can access the S3 object store using your credentials. Basic commands like 'LS' and 'CP' can be used to confirm the operational environment. For detailed instructions, refer to the section Using S3COM.

Step 3: Integrate Your OLTP Application with S3SERV

For OLTP-based access to the S3 object store, integrate your application with S3SERV. Guidance and detailed steps for this integration are available in Using S3SERV.

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