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Message Dump Configuration

Dynamic message dump configuration is activated using the -messagedumpcfg startup option. Note that when the -messagedumpcfg option is used, the -messagedump, -messagedumpsubvol, -messagedumpfile, and -messagedumpfilter options are ignored.

Configuration Reference

[messagedump] Section


enabledThe value may be "0" to disable message dumping or "1" to enable it. The default is "0".
fileThe name of the message dump file. If not fully qualified then the value of the _DEFAULTS define is used to complete the file name. If omitted, a new dump file is created for each request and has the name format DUnnnnnn where nnnnnn is a sequence number.
subvolWhen the file parameter is not specified, this parameter specifies the subvol in which the individual message dump files will be created. If not specified the messagedump files are written to the current subvol (as defined by the _DEFAULTS define) of the SOAPAMCP process.

When specified the web service request and reply messages are dumped to a file. The options SOAP, RAW, and IPM options produce the following output:

SOAP The request/response SOAP envelopes formatted for display
RAW The request/response SOAP envelopes in hex dump format
IPM The request/response IPMs in hex dump format
HTTPHTTP protocol information.
BASICBasic information including only the dump header.

The SOAP and RAW options also produce network connection and HTTP header information.

filterWhen specified the messagedump information will only be dumped when the IPM response reply code is in the specified range. The range is specified as a comma-separated list of values or value ranges. Value ranges are specified with a min value and max value separated by a colon (:). For example, to dump only messages that have a reply code of 1 or 2 the reply code range may be specified as "1,2" or "1:2". If not specified, all messages are dumped.
filetypeThe value may be "E" to indicate dumping to an edit file (code 101) or "U" to dump to an unstructured entry sequenced file. The default is "E".

Additionally, the Common Configuration Options may be included to specify file allocation and rollover options.


; Dump all soap faults.
level=soap raw ipm
; Dump all SOAP payloads to individual files.
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