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Configuration File Format

Configuration files are Enscribe EDIT files and use the defacto standard INI file format described below.


Parameters consist of name, value pairs delimited by an equals sign (=). The value may be enclosed in quotes to preserve whitespace when necessary.


Parameters are grouped into named sections. A section header consists of the he section name enclosed in square brackets. ( [ ] ). All parameters found after a section header and before the next section header or end of file are associated with that section header. Section headers may include a process name to indicate that the section applies to a specific process. In this case the section name consists of the process name and section name delimited by a colon (:).


A semicolon indicates the start of a comment, which continues to the end of the line. All text between the semicolon and end of line is ignored.

Blank Lines

Blank lines are ignored.

Example Configuration File

; This section configures generic logging options
timestamp=lct ; use local civil time.

; Configure trace level logging for process $XYZ.
level=trace ; trace level logging for this process.
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