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This element specifies default values for request interprocess message elements. This allows you set values in the request interprocess message that will not be supplied though method parameters or override that values specified in the request parameters.







AttributeData TypeUsageDefault ValueDescription
elementxsd:NCNamerequirednoneThe name of the element to initialize. It must be a child of the type specified by the type attribute of the initializer's parent <request>. It may include a path if it refers to a sub element.
valuexsd:anySimpleTyperequirednoneThe value of the element. It must be appropriate to the type of the specified element. If element's type is "integer", value must be an integer value.

If 1, indicates that the element should be initialized with the value, overriding any value supplied in the method parameters.Remarks




   <initializer element="RequestCode" value="1"/>



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