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Service Documentation

Your Web service's Web Service Description Language (WSDL) contains all the information that a client application needs to know in order to call your service's methods. However, WSDL is designed to be read easily by programs, not humans. SOAPam Server dynamically generates easy-to-read documentation for your service from the Service Definition File (.sdf). You may access the documentation via the Service Catalog, or access it by URL by opening this address in your web browser:


where host:port is SOAPam Server's host name and port, SDF-path is the folder path where your SDF is located and SDF-filename is the name of your SDF file without the ".sdf" extension.

For example, if your SDF is


then the documentation URL is


The Service Documentation page displays the description of the service, if any, and a list of available methods. Selecting a method name link navigates to the documentation for that method. You may also select the 

 icon to navigate to Service Diagnostics, WSDL, SDF, and Wizard for the service.

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