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The STATSCON utility consolidates one or more statistics files into a single file with only the most recent statistics records for each request. The output file can be created in the standard statistics record format or as a CSV file.

The general syntax to start the STATSCON program from TACL is

tacl> run STATSCON / run-options / [ command-line-options ]


The standard TACL run options.


-infile <input file specification>

An input file specification that selects the input statistics file or files. The specification can contain wildcard characters to allow the selection of multiple files. This parameter is required.

-outfile <file name> [!]

The consolidated output file name. If the file already exists, specify the '!' option to indicate that the existing file should be overwritten. This parameter is required.

-outformat < record | CSV >

The desired output format. This parameter is optional and if not specified, "record" is the default.


Displays documentation for the program command line options.




Consolidate records from s single statistics file into an output file in statistics file format:

tacl>run statscon -infile zzsstats -outfile statsout !

Consolidate records from multiple statistics files into a single file in CSV format:

tacl>run statscon -infile zzsst* -outfile sstats ! -outformat csv
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