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The SOAPam Server Control Panel

The SOAPam Server Control Panel is the browser-based user interface for SOAPam Server administrators and Web service developers. This guide describes the Server Management features of the Control Panel. Refer to the Developer's Guide for information about the Control Panel Development Tools.

You can access the control panel by navigating to the server’s address and port. For example, if the host name of your NonStop system is and you configured port 8080 at startup, you would find the control panel at the following address:


The default administrator's name and password are "Administrator" and "password", respectively. We recommend that you change the Administrator password through the Control Panel's User Management page. See User Management for more information.


There are three main sections of the Control Panel which are accessed from the Control Panel home page.

The Control Panel home page also includes links to this documentation and the NuWave Technologies Support Center.

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