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Managing the VFS File Set

The VFS is comprised of a set of audited, key-sequenced TMF files. The names of the files are:

  • VFS00
  • VFS000 (VFS00 alternate key file)
  • VFS01
  • VFS02
  • VFS03
  • VFS030 (VFS03 alternate key file)
  • VFS04
  • VFS05
  • VFS050 (VFS05 alternate key file)

Since the names of the VFS files are fixed, there can be only one instance of a VFS in any given subvolume.

We strongly recommend that you regularly back up the entire VFS using standard Guardian-based utilities such as BACKUP or by copying the VFS to an alternate subvol. Refer to Copying or Moving the VFS for more information.

Since the VFS contains sensitive information, you should take care to secure the VFS files (above) appropriately. Refer to Security Considerations for more information. The content within the VFS is secured through the Control Panel.

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