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This element represents an interpretation of the server's reply interprocess message. It correlates the 'reply code', the first word (two bytes) of the message, to a type. The reply element determines how the server reply is converted from binary format to XML ("serialized").







Data Type
Default Value
replyCodexsd:tokenoptional*The range of values for the first word (2 bytes) of the server reply interprocess message that indicate that the specified type should be used to interpret the message. The value is a comma-separated list of ranges where range is 'lo:hi' and lo and hi are integers between -32768 and 32767. "*" may be used to represent the entire range.
typexsd:NCNamerequirednoneThe name of <type>, defined in <types>, that describes the server reply interprocess message .


When <replies> contains multiple <reply> elements, they are processed in document order. The first <reply> whose replyCode range includes the value server's reply code (the first 2 bytes of the reply message interpreted as a signed integer) is used. Refer to Handling Multiple Reply Types for more information.


 <reply replyCode="0" type="MySuccessReply">
 <reply replyCode="-100:-1,1:100" type="MyWarningReply">
 <reply replyCode="*" type="MyErrorReply">
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