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txControlResponseType is a complex type. It is a sequence of three elements which occur in the order shown.

<txControlResponse xmlns="">

A header or parameter of type txControlResponseType is included in responses from methods whose definitions include a <transactionControl> element with its clientControl attribute set to "1". An element of type txControlResponseType is also returned from the built-in TransactionControl service's BeginTransaction, CommitTransaction and AbortTransaction methods. Refer to Client Transaction Control for more information.


Data type
Default value
txURLxsd:stringrequirednoneA transaction URL which uniquely identifies the transaction. If the requested transaction control operation was to begin a new transaction, txURL is the new transaction identifier. Otherwise, it is the same transaction identifier specified in the request.
txOutcometxOutcomeEnumrequirednoneOne of: "suspended", "committed", "aborted" or "unknown" indicating the outcome of the transaction control operation.
txResultxsd:intrequirednoneThe result code (file system error number) of the NSK transaction control API, e.g. ENDTRANSACTION() used by SOAPam Server to execute the requested transaction control operation. If non-zero, the status of the transaction is "unknown" as indicated by txOutcome.


Always examine the txResult element contained in the response. If non-zero, the status of the transaction is unknown.


<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="">
    <txControlResponse xmlns="">
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