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This element describes a "type". It is a container for one or more <element> elements.








Data Type
Default Value
namexsd:NCNamerequirednoneThe type name. Must be unique within <types>.
sizexsd:positiveIntegerrequirednoneThe size of the type in bytes.
ddlObjectxsd:tokenoptionalnoneReserved for use by the Service Definition Wizard. Do not modify the contents of this attribute.
stringPaddingxsd:tokenoptionalzerosControls the way <element type="string" ...> are treated. Sets the default for <element> members of this <type> used by this server. Valid values are "zeros" and "spaces". See Remarks for the <element> element for more information.
encodingxsd:NCNameoptional Indicates the default character encoding that should be used when serializing/deserializing child elements to/from the SOAP envelope. If omitted, the default encoding is the server's default encoding which is typically ISO-8859-1. This value may be altered by Server startup options. A list of available encoding names can be found in Character Encoding Names.
defaultAccessxsd:NCNameoptionalpublicIndicates the default value of the access attribute of all child elements of this type. Valid values are "public" or "private".


   <type name="MyRequestMessage" size="14">    
       <element name="RequestCode" type="short" offset="0" size="2"/>
       <element name="MyDataItem" type="string" offset="2" size="12"/>
   <type name="MyReplyMessage" size="10">
       <element name="ReplyCode" type="short" offset="0" size="2"/>
       <element name="MyDataItem" type="double" offset="2" size="8"/>
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