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Using the VFS Manager Utility

The VFSMGR utility is used to perform a subset of the VFS management tasks that are normally done from the browser based management interface. The utility allows the operator to:

  • Create a new VFS or upgrade an existing VFS.
  • Create and delete users and set user passwords and group membership.
  • Create and delete groups.
  • Create and delete folders and set folder access permissions.
  • Copy folders and their contents to and from a VFS image file.
  • Copy individual files to and from the Enscribe file system.
  • Check the consistency of the VFS file set.

Since VFSMGR does not require exclusive access to the VFS, you need not stop the SOAPam Server process in order to use the utility.

In order to use the VFSMGR utility you must be logged-on as a user with sufficient privileges to access the files in the VFS subvolume. Note that the VFSMGR utility accesses the VFS as if it were the SOAPam Server 'Administrator' user. It is possible to damage or destroy the VFS if the utility is not used correctly. You should always have a current backup before modifying an existing VFS with this utility.

The syntax for all VFSMGR commands can be found in the VFSMGR command line reference.

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