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Using HTTP Authentication

The SOAPam Client Process automatically negotiates HTTP Basic or Digest authentication when sending requests to the Web service host. You specify your authentication credentials using the -httpauth command line option when starting the Client Process. The credentials may be specified as userid:password in clear text or in an encrypted credentials file.

To specify the credentials as a clear text string use the following format for the -httpauth option:

tacl> run SOAPAMCP / name $wscp / -httpauth #userid:password

In order to provide the credentials in a SOAPam credentials file, first create the credentials file using the MAKECF utility:

tacl> run MAKECF mylogin userid:password

Then provide the credentials file name in the -httpauth option:

tacl> run SOAPAMCP / name $wscp / -cdf mycdf -httpauth mylogin

Refer to Using Credential Files for information about creating credentials files. Refer to Configuring the Client Process for more information about SOAPAMCP command line parameters.

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